Specialist Treatments/Injectables/Skin Peels

These include specialist facials from Lifting and tightening ,Vitamin infused facials and peels, Dermal-roller (CST) Mobilift LPG and Dermal M3 Infusion all to give a youthful anti-ageing treatment.

Skin rejuvenating injections and fillers available by a Nurse Practitioner. Free consultations – call salon to book.

Rejuvenating injections

Muscle relaxants from £150.00 to £300.00
These are also known as Anti-wrinkle treatments. As the muscle relaxes, the skin smoothes out. Treatment can take as little as 20mins and most normal activities can be resumed. The treatment can take 7-14 days to start taking effect. We offer a free 2 week review and top up should it be required.  Treatment can last 3-4 months as everybody metabolises differently.  You can then have a ‘Top-Up’ further treatment if required.

Some of the areas covered are: crows feet, bunny lines, horizontal frown lines, brow lift and jaw grinding.

Dermal Fillers

Prices start from £250.00 for 1ml of Juvederm.

The aesthetic benefit of a filler can be seen immediately. Treatment is fast, and discomfort minimal.

Dermal fillers for marionette lines and nasolabial folds, cheek fillers and lip augmentation.

Free consultation and prices given.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Dermapen micro needling.

£175.00 for 1 x session / £450.00 for package of 3

Stimulation of the skin produces more fibroblasts, collagen and elastin. Used as an alternative to Face lifts and other surgical interventions, with remarkable results.


A skin rejuvenating injection to hydrate and lift the skin. Great for wrinkles/crepey tissue and sagging. Used on face/hands/arms and neck.

Includes 2 sessions of 2ml syringes, given 30 days apart.

Face treatment £275.00 per session. Total £550.00

Neck treatment  £275.00 per session. Total £550.00

Other body areas, prices will be quoted during a free consultation.


Chemical Peels

A stand alone treatment for those wishing to try it before a special event etc £60.00
Chemical peels course x 6 sessions offered fortnightly = £300.00 (priced at 5 with a free session)

Vitamin injections
Vitamin injections deliver dosage directly into your body thus allowing the full amount to be absorbed .
Vitamins include: Vit C- The anti-ageing antioxidant.
Vit B12 – The Energy Tonic.
Vit B Complex – The De-stress formula.

Prices start from £30.00 -1 injection of Vit C, B12 or B-complex.
1 x injection combining all 3 -£60.00



Reflexology and Hopi Ear candling.