Semi-Permanent Makeup

Otherwise known as Micro-pigmentation, colours are tattooed into the skin with a needle to the Brow/Lip or eye areas. The colours used are tested on the skin for  colour matching to enhance a natural look and a full consultation and patch test is required, at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

A qualified Nouveau Contour technician will conduct consultation that takes about 40 mins ,and guide you through all the tattoo process. A patch test will also be required at this stage to ensure no allergic reaction to both products and anaesthetic.

Semi-permanent makeup or Micropigmentation is for Eyes, Lips, Brows and beauty spots. This system uses tattoo ink that will fade over a course of time, inserted with a tattoo machine.
Microblading for Brows available – all as above with consultation required.

All shades of colours are available and would be discussed in consultation.

1. Brows start at £200 up to £400.00 (digital or microblading)
2. Liner -top or bottom – £200.00
3. Liner – top & bottom – £350.00
4. Lip line – £300.00
5. Lip blush – £350.00
6. Full lip colour – £500.00
7. Beauty spot – £75.00

A follow up visit if required is between 4-8 weeks at £60.00